Can I hire a Rolls Royce car for a school formal and what cars can I hire?

Posted by special_occasion

Posted on February 14, 2016

People today are almost spoilt for choice with the large variety of cars from hundreds of manufacturers from all over the world on the road today. It is a far cry from the early days of motoring when luxury and individual style and prestige was attached to just a few very special brands. The Rolls Royce brand of vehicles stands above the others. Known as a car for the upper classes in its early days and since then always aligned with wealth and style – always something that was out of the reach of blue collar workers.

Thankfully A Special Occasion has allowed this prestige brand to be made available to all.  Luxury motoring is not something most of us can experience in our day to day – but for special occasions a Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce from our fleet is perfect for the ultimate in stylish transport.

One of our main services at A Special Occasion is transporting young ladies and gentlemen to their school formals – and we might as well state that we do it in very grand style. We have a very impressive fleet of quality, highly maintained Rolls Royce vehicles for you to select from.

We don’t want to make it too difficult for you to choose but we must state that all these grand ladies are very special, so much so that shamelessly – we have named them. When choosing one of our immaculately detailed Rolls Royce vehicles you are selecting the best transport to get you to this milestone occasion:

  • ELIZABETH – 1955 Black Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I
  • TIANI – 1989 Black Rolls Royce Silver Spur *
  • WILLOW – 1981 Black/Red Rolls Royce Silver Spirit
  • TAMMY – 1989 Gold Rolls Royce Silver Spur

We can also expand our fleet to include:

  • LILLY – 1962 White Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II
  • KATIE – 1973 White Silver Shadow Corniche Convertible

If you are wanting to ensure that your daughter or son can have an occasion to remember then a hire Rolls Royce from our fleet at A Special Occasion is just what you need to arrange.  We are a professionally run hire company with dedicated, professional staff and chauffeurs that we guarantee will add to your experience.

All our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards inside and out, the Rolls Royce brand requires nothing less. Our fleet definitely exude everything that Rolls Royce stands for, in style, reliability, comfort and esteem.

It goes without saying that our unique fleet of cars is always in demand so may we suggest that as soon as you know the dates of your young person’s formal you do not hesitate to lock in the Rolls Royce that you want. Be quick, go to our online booking system to secure your desired vehicle. As school formals are held throughout the year our vehicles do book out early.

If you have any enquiry regarding the number of passengers our vehicles can take or if you need help organising your formal car hire, or have any enquiry regarding our fleet please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our friendly and experienced team members.

We know how to make your formal night a night to remember!  A Special Occasion is so much better when you hire a Rolls Royce from A Special Occasion.